Steven Ayers and Company

Our Difference

Successful people understand the level of focus and commitment needed to achieve excellence on a consistent basis in their chosen field.  Many clients have come to us having achieved at a high level in their profession or business, but feeling frustrated that their investment results have not met a similar high standard.  People busy with their careers, families and outside interests may underestimate the amount of time and dedication required to achieve consistently strong results as a do-it-yourself individual investor.  Those who have hired a stockbroker or advisor may have found themselves disappointed with these professionals’ approach, commitment or results over time.

Our philosophy is to bring the same level of dedication and professionalism to the task of investment management that has brought our clients success in their professions and careers.  We see our role as focusing on the performance of your investments so our clients can focus on their business. We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by providing our clients transparency, meaningful communication and professional excellence.


Transparency to us goes a giant step beyond honesty.  A broker can make a claim of honesty by handing you a thick prospectus describing an investment larded with fees and commissions, but doing so without clearly discussing and disclosing the compensation arrangements with you does little to build trust or align interests.  Steven Ayers and Company makes money by charging management fees calculated as a percentage of assets under management at the end of each quarter.  We do not sell investments to our clients, and we receive no commissions or fees for choosing one investment over another or for the frequency of trading within an account.  We share in the success of our clients as account values rise, and vice-versa.

Meaningful communication

When we communicate with our clients, they want to know what is happening with their investments, why it is happening, and what their money manager is doing about it.  We communicate plainly with our clients because we can – we are the ones undertaking the research and investment selection process.  There are no management layers.  We can tell you why we buy what we buy, why we sell what we sell and why we wait when we wait.  We send a client letter quarterly, and we are always available to speak with clients about their accounts.

Professional excellence

Steven Ayers, president and founder of Steven Ayers & Company, has worked in the investment business for 15 years and is a Chartered Financial Analyst charterholder.  His experience as a research analyst at Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette and ABN AMRO, along with continuous passionate study of markets and investing, has provided the intellectual and practical foundation on which the firm’s performance track record has been built.  Contact us for details about our performance results.